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egis provides working solutions to the challenges of aging for seniors in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and surrounding areas.  Serving over 1500 individuals and their families for over 20 years, we provide holistic and personal approaches to elder care and home care management.

At egis we:

  • Help individuals acquire the resources they need
  • Complete a systematic and thorough review of each persons situation to find the right support for their specific needs
  • Hand pick care providers based on a specific individual’s needs
  • Prioritize and maximize senior’s independence and self-sufficiency
  • Navigate the maze of health care decision-making with our staff’s in-depth knowledge of community resources in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and surrounding areas.

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Our Caretakers

  • egis care providers are highly trained and experienced professionals selected specifically for the individual and the job.
  • Our caregivers are loyal and often stay with an individual and their family for long periods, often years.
  • Professional, client-focused and client-centered, our care providers work together as an effective team focused on each person’s needs.

“[egis] helps seniors keep their independence.”
Santa Fe New Mexican

Our History

egis (elders getting information and services) grew out of a grassroots effort by a number of Santa Feans interested in meeting the challenges of getting older. In 1998, Bill and Ginny Cowles and Larry and Barbara Munson gathered a group of interested friends to form an organization dedicated to helping seniors stay as independent as possible in their own home environments.

egis has grown into a strong organization recognized for its expertise in navigating the maze of health care decision-making and its knowledge of community resources. egis has cultivated a rich inventory of service providers to meet its client’s needs.