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egis is committed to enabling older adults to age in place whether that is at home, in a retirement community or a care facility. Our staff has knowledge of community resources and extensive experience with the organizations and professionals in the Santa Fe area that clients may need. Based on each individual’s needs and desires, recommendations about resources to promote independence, safety, and quality of life are provided and egis can assist in arranging these services.

Examples of Services

  • Recruiting in-home support providers
  • Referral to community resources such as transportation, meal support, pet care services, and household maintenance
  • Coordinating medical care by attending appointments, ensuring pertinent questions are answered, and scheduling needed follow up
  • Planning and management of support during hospitalization, at time of discharge, and transitioning back to home
  • Education on insurance and government benefits and assistance in accessing benefits
  • Facilitating health care wishes discussions, end of life planning, and assistance with creating the appropriate legal documents
  • Monitoring that supports and services are meeting an individual’s needs
  • Mediating issues that may arise between family members or providers
  •  Advocating for what is important to our clients

egis helped me make decisions about long term care planning.”

Payment for Services

An individual pays an initial assessment fee when joining egis. This fee pays for the initial meeting between the Care Manager and the client and his or her family, and the development of a professional Plan of Care.

When the Care Manager is engaged to provide ongoing services after the initial assessment, egis charges an hourly rate for time spent providing services for and on behalf of the client. This includes phone time, travel time, and requisite paperwork.

At each anniversary of joining, the client can continue with egis by paying an annual re-assessment fee, at which time a re-assessment meeting is planned to address changes in the client’s status.

egis also provides non-medical, in home support staff at the client’s request.


Initial Assessment Fee $340
Ongoing Care Coordination Services Fee $80/hour
In-home Support Rate $27/hour
Annual Reassessment Fee $200
One-time, in office Consultation Fee $100/hour