Egis Complete Care: The In-Home Health Care Agency

Egis Complete Care of New Mexico is an in-home health care agency offering custom designed care programs for each client’s specific set of home care needs. We serve the families and individuals in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and other areas in central New Mexico. Our in-home care agency teams support and facilitate safe, enriching home-based seniors and individuals affected by difficulties related to age related restrictions such as food preparation, cleaning, medication reminders, companionship, and much more.

Customizing your in-home health care

As an in-home health care agency, our relationship will begin with a comprehensive consultation with you and your family to best understand your needs. Because of the wide range of knowledge, experience, and warm personalities of our in home caregivers, we are able to provide “best match” options based on the broad range of services, skills, and interests creating enjoyable, safe and successful living experiences and assistance for you or your loved one.

We support your independent senior lifestyle

As we cultivate your in-home health care plan, our focus will be to best facilitate an enriched independent senior lifestyle. The client’s feeling of independence is the key to maintaining an overall sense of wellbeing, integrity, and confidence. We desire for each client to experience a life of healthy freedom within the familiarity and comfort of his or her own home.

More than a healthcare provider

While egis offers some home health services, our approach is total home care and health services. Dispensing pills and checking client’s blood pressure is only a small part of managing the health needs of our senior clients. There are many other essential life-enhancing support services we offer that promote the overall health and wellbeing of our clientele.

Egis Home Care Agency’s Total Home Health Care Services include:

  • In-Home Medical, Health and Medication Assistance 
  • Specialized Home Care for Persons Affected by Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease 
  • Comprehensive Home Healthcare Scheduling and Facilitation 
  • Senior Nutritional Planning 
  • Food Preparation and Meal Assistance 
  • Exercise, Physical Health Motivation and Companionship Walking 
  • Assistance of Daily Living 
  • Medical Advocacy, Appointment Scheduling, Medical Appointment Partnership and Hospital In- Patient Support 
  • Family Support and Medical Mediation between Providers and Families 
  • Light Household Cleaning, Laundry and Home Maintenance Scheduling and Facilitation 
  • Retail Shopping and Grocery Shopping Assistance 
  • Pet Care Assistance 
  • Transportation Scheduling and Provisions 
  • Companion Supported Errands and Lifestyle Enrichment Outings 
  • Conversational Companionship and Care

At egis Complete Care our primary mission is to provide the most comprehensive, compassionate, appropriate in-home health care for seniors, aging adults, and couples. Your home is where our heart is, and egis is here to help you safely and successfully stay home for years to come.