Elder Care Management

We provide a holistic, client-centered approach for you and your loved ones.

How EGIS Care Management Works

An EGIS Care Manager meets with you for an initial, confidential, in-depth assessment of individual and family needs. Based on this meeting, the Care Manager develops a plan that addresses your needs and wishes. Your Care Manager is always available to discuss needs that change over time.

The initial consultation with the Care Manager gives your family confidence that you are heading in the right direction and making the best decisions for your loved one. This can be a great comfort to family members who don’t live near their loved one. 

Egis Care Management

EGIS Eldercare Managers

  • Assist with filling out/filing long-term care insurance claims
  • Help with residential living options (e.g., skilled nursing homes)
  • Provide in-home design consultation and solutions to improve safety and accessibility
  • Arrange post-hospital or -rehab care
  • Create an emergency management plan, if needed
  • Offer key decision-making support for you, your family and caregivers
  • Advocate/communicate for the client
  • Facilitate guardianship/conservatorship
  • Serve as medical power of attorney
  • Coordinate financial power of attorney
  • Coordinate and monitor service providers
  • Provide information and resource referrals
  • Manage and coordinate a caregiver or a team of caregivers
  • Offer end of life care support
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 What An EGIS Care Manager Does For You

The role of an EGIS Care Manager is to assess, plan coordinate, advocate and provide information and referrals to you and your family.

The Care Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Navigating healthcare systems
  • Supporting family decisions
  • Evaluating housing options
  • Advocating for the senior
  • Managing resources wisely
  • Reducing avoidable risk