A season for thanks to EGIS Complete Care in-home care for Santa Fe seniors

Q1: What first drew you to EGIS Complete Care in-home care for your loved one? How did you initially hear about our company?
A1: I have previously worked with Jennifer Riek and thought very highly of her and I was reminded that she works for EGIS from my boss, Keith. I called her immediately the next day after rescuing my 83-year-old mother from a horrible assisted living facility where she felt unsafe.

Q2: What were the key factors that made you choose EGIS over others?
A2: My relationship with Jennifer was a big factor; I knew and I know she will doing anything for a client if possible

Q3: How was the billing process explained and was it easy?
A3: Explained directly and easily no surprises or confusion. Pretty straight forward.

Q4: What was most important to you when it came to the care your loved one received? How well did our caregivers meet those needs?
A4: My urgent and critical concerns were her safety and her comfort. I would give a 10 out of 10 for both. It was like having a close friend sit with her and help her out with her daily needs.

Q5: How satisfied were you with the communication and responsiveness of our staff during your time using our services?
A5: Completely 100% satisfied; the three ladies particularly were just fun and my mother built special bonds and really enjoyed their company and help.

Q6: What did you like best about having our caregivers provide in-home care?
A6: Most importantly my mom was able to stay at home in a safe and familiar environment.

A7: What advice would you give to others considering using (long term care insurance) for EGIS services?
A7: A person I know chose another in-home-care company and they were not present nor honest creating serious health emergencies for their father; once I shared EGIS information, they switched with no concerns due to my recommendations and experience with the company for my morn.

Q8 How likely are you to recommend our EGIS to friends or family members needing senior care?
A8: All the time when anyone asks.

Q9: If you could improve one thing about our services, what would it be?
A9: With my experience with my mom, all my expectations were exceeded.

Q10: Is there anything else potential customers should know about your experience using insurance for EGIS services?
A10: It was a godsend. I was under a lot of stress and working more than 40 hours a week, I knew that my mother would be safe when I was absent.


EGIS (Elders Getting Information and Services) is one of Santa Fe’s oldest and most respected senior care companies. We have been providing Northern New Mexico senior home care and care management services to individuals and families since 1998. Over the past 25 years, we have been dedicated to providing the very best care for you and your loved ones. ​​EGIS Complete Care grew out of a grassroots effort by a number of Santa Feans interested in meeting the challenges of getting older. They got together to form an organization dedicated to helping seniors stay as independent as possible in their own home environments. EGIS has grown into a strong and respected organization with highly dedicated and professional caregivers and care managers.